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OmniGraffle, Balsamiq and PencileProject are applications I've used to generate Wireframes, Site Diagrams and Mock-ups.


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I have created Usability Testing, Expert Review, Card Sorting, Site Deconstruction, Task Analysis, Site Mapping, Accessibility Testing Deliverables.


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I have experience in User Testing, Accessibility Reviews, Card Sorting, Usability Testing with screen & facial capture.

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Hello, my name is Brian J. Kinsley. I am a tenacious freelance UX Designer, who is familiar with OmniGraffle, Pencil Project and Balsamiq for site diagraming, site deconstruction and wireframeing. I've recently obtained excellent marks in two different User Testing, UX Research and UI Design courses. Completed several projects, including two different Responsive Websites; Intrigue Escape Games, including two wireframes and South Rockwood Untied Methidist Church, also involving multiple wireframes and full-color mock-ups.Thanks for checking out my site. Contact me for any future collaborations!